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CHARLIE PRICE: At Price Law Firm it’s just a important to us to get you ready for your life after bankruptcy as it is for the whole process during the bankruptcy. And we will help you, we’ll walk you through each step, explain how do you get from the end of the bankruptcy to having a great credit score a year from now.

There are many resources that clients can use to learn how to survive after the bankruptcy. I’ve written two books on surviving life after bankruptcy.

[GRAPHIC: Charlie Price’s Life After Bankruptcy & From Bankruptcy to Prosperity]

CHARLIE PRICE: The first one was, “Life After Bankruptcy” and the second was a new book that I’ve written called, “From Bankruptcy to Prosperity”. The inspiration from writing these books came from my own experience. When I first filed my bankruptcy way back when, there were no books to help you get back on track after the bankruptcy. So the first book was all about my experiences and how I got my credit back in shape.

Since I filed bankruptcy, the laws have changed dramatically from how they were, and it also affects the way that we address those and how we deal with those issues. That’s why I wrote the second book. That’s how I practice in my law firm. We change according to the law and we make sure that we’re doing the right thing for our clients.

I want all of my clients to understand that there is life after bankruptcy. There is prosperity after bankruptcy. I’m an example of that. I filed bankruptcy and I went on to have a very successful legal career. It doesn’t end your life. You can get back on track and very often you need that fresh start to do that.

[GRAPHIC: Price Law Firm 407-834-0090; 400 Maitland Avenue Altamonte Springs, FL 32701]

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