Credit Repair Companies vs. Professionals

Florida Consumer Protection Attorney Counseling Clients About the Use of Credit Repair Companies

We have all seen the ads on TV. Claims by credit repair companies that they can remove up to 100 percent of the negative information that appears on your credit report and help to dramatically improve your credit score. Unfortunately, the fees people paid almost never produced these promised results. In response to these companies’ practices, Congress passed the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) in 1996 in order to lay out very specific rules for this industry and to curb the abuses that were being committed on Americans who were already in financially vulnerable situations.

At the Price Law Firm, our Florida bankruptcy lawyer is here to help when you are facing tough times by giving you sound counsel regarding credit repair companies. Not all of these businesses are bad, but we can help you decide whether it is in your best interest to use one of them or if you can fix your credit yourself with our assistance or even on your own. To learn more about credit repair companies and our legal services, we encourage you to contact us today and set up a free consultation at our Altamonte Springs office.

Our founding attorney, Charles W. Price, has been helping thousands of people for 20 years explore every option when it comes to improving their financial situations. If you are contemplating ways to repair your credit, we can help you evaluate what may be the best opportunities given your situation. One of these choices may be to have a credit repair company assist you. If this is the case, it is crucial to choose an entity that follows the CROA provisions strictly. We have trained hundreds of lawyers, mortgage brokers, CPAs, and other professionals across the country to repair their clients’ credit so we know if the promises and services promised by a credit repair company are valid or not.

We will help you see if any Orlando credit repair company or individual is in compliance with the CROA and a good fit for you by scrutinizing:

  • Is the credit repair company detailing your rights and a description of their services to you in their mandatory disclosure documents and the written contract you must execute before becoming a client with them?
  • Is the credit repair company trying to charge you any fees before they perform any services?
  • Is the company performing any prohibited practices, including acts that could be defined as fraud?

Once we have properly assessed how effective and legitimate the credit repair company or professional is, it is vital to see if the services they offer are what you need or if you can fix your credit score yourself. We know that some people don’t want to engage in the credit repair process themselves because it can be very time-consuming, but we may be able to help you out or recommend a credit repair service that is reputable. If you want to handle your credit issues on your own, we can help or give you the tools and counsel to help you pursue this goal. We are here to help you achieve financial stability every way we can.

Take back control of your wealth. To schedule your free consultation, contact our Altamonte Springs office in the Orlando-Kissimmee metro area today.

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